Coffins and Caskets

Hall's Funeral Services, Diamond Creek, offers a wide range of Coffins and Caskets throughout Melbourne to local Diamond Creek, Whittlesea, Eltham, Greensborough, Doreen, Hurstbridge & Kinglake residents.

The selection of a Coffin or Casket is a highly personal decision that will be based on style and taste as well as cultural and religious beliefs.

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What's The  Difference between a Coffin and a Casket?

A Coffin is the more traditional option with a tapered shape from the shoulders down to the feet. It has a separate lid which is attached with screws. Coffins come in a wide range of timbers and will usually have either 4 or 6 handles.

A Casket is rectangular in shape and usually has a domed, hinged lid that sometimes is hinged in two pieces to facilitate viewing. Caskets come in both timber and metallic construction and have either separate handles or a longer bar running down each side.

Coffin and Casket Gallery

Here is just a sample of the available Coffins and Caskets. Click on an image below to see more detail.