Code of Ethics

nfdaHall's Funeral Services, Diamond Creek are members of the National Funeral Directors Association and follow the Code of Ethics adopted as part of that membership:

To promote funeral firms that have remained 100% Australian-owned and are unified in their commitment to Australian Ethics and Values in funeral service



  • To provide the highest standard of service at a reasonable and realistic cost
  • To provide a high standard of facilities which are adequately equipped for all services provided
  • To provide staff who are well trained and experienced in all aspects of the funeral profession
  • To always be scrupulous in the confidentiality of client's personal information
  • To always be conscientious in our dealings with government authorities or industry related business
  • To ensure that all advertising is genuinely informative, truthful and in good taste
  • To be conversant with the laws of the land as they apply to the funeral industry
  • To give a written, itemised estimate of costs when required by families at the time of taking instruction
  • To always be scrupulous in the handling of pre-paid funerals and the associated funds entrusted to us
  • To always make ourselves available to members of the community who seek our advice, expertise or assistance in matters relating to the funeral industry
  • To always conduct ourselves in a professional manner befitting the funeral industry and to ensure that the our conduct does not bring the funeral industry into disrepute
  • To respect our fellow NFDA members and support them through responsible business practices

You can find more information at the NFDA website.