Funeral Service Types near South Morang

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Hall's Funerals offers a range of service types to suit your loved one near South Morang.

We provide funeral services throughout Melbourne to local South Morang residents and surrounding communities.

The type of funeral service Melbourne that best suits your needs will depend greatly on a number of things. These may include:

Cultural background
Religious Beliefs
Expected number of mourners
Loved one's wishes

At Hall's Funeral Services, we will work with you to provide the best options. Here are the most common service types:

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Single Service

A Single Service ceremony can take place at a Church, Chapel, graveside, or other suitable place and incorporates both the main service and final committal in one. There is no procession.

funeral services South Morang

Dual Service

A Dual Service consists of a service at a Church, Chapel or some other suitable location followed by a procession to the final resting place or crematorium for the final committal ceremony.

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Memorial Service

A Memorial Service usually takes place at a Church, Chapel or other special location after the funeral burial or funeral cremation which is usually held in private or when the deceased's body is unable to be present.

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