Funeral Service Types near Greensborough

Hall’s Funeral Services is a leading provider of funeral services in Greensborough and surrounds. Our experienced and understanding funeral directors work closely with you to create a unique, personalised funeral that celebrates and commemorates your loved one’s lifeWe offer a full range of funeral services. We provide funeral services throughout Melbourne to local Greensborough residents and surrounding communities.

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The type of funeral service Melbourne that best suits your needs will depend greatly on a number of things.

At Hall's Funeral Services, we will work with you to provide the best options. Here are the most common service types:

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Single Service

A single service ceremony can occur at a church, chapel, graveside or another suitable place. It incorporates the main service and final committal in one and does not feature a procession. A service can be customised to suit your loved one and the number of mourners. Some families choose to have a single service to simplify the day and make the service more accessible for all.  

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Dual Service

A dual service includes a service and a procession to the final resting place. The service may take place at a chapel, church or another suitable location. The procession ends with the final committal ceremony, which may take place at a graveside or crematorium. A dual service is one of the most common ways to conduct a funeral and allows mourners to reflect at the service and then acknowledge the final resting place.  

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Memorial Service

A memorial service is typically held in private or when the deceased’s body cannot be present. The service may take place at a church, chapel or other special location. 


We can create a funeral that honours your beliefs and preferences. Here are some of the ways we can tailor a funeral to suit your loved one and family. If you have any questions about how we could tailor a funeral for your loved one, contact our team of local Greensborough funeral directors.  

Cultural Background  

We assist families from all cultures and backgrounds. We will work with you to create a funeral that adheres to your cultural practices and traditions.  

Religious Beliefs  

We help families from all religions to commemorate the life of their loved ones. We can help you create a service that follows your faith's traditions in a religiously significant setting.  

Expected Number of Mourners  

The number of people expected at your loved one’s funeral may influence the planning process. For example, if you expect a large group, you may need to look at larger venues. Alternatively, if your loved one pre-planned or preferred a smaller service, then our team can help you to organise that.  

Loved One’s Wishes 

We have options for pre-planning and pre-paying funerals. This allows a person to arrange their funeral to suit their preferences. We will aim to accommodate your loved one’s wishes when organising a funeral that celebrates their life. 

Car Choice 

We have a full fleet of funeral cars as well as a purpose-built Harley Hearse.  

 Choice of Location  

We are based in Diamond Creek and Whittlesea and work with families across Melbourne. If you’re located in Greensborough or the surrounding suburbs, we can help you to organise a funeral for your family member.   

Personalised Service  

We believe that because no person is the same, no funeral should be either. We can tailor your service to suit your loved one. Everything from the order of service to the music can be customised for you.  


We aim to make the entire funeral process as straightforward as possible so that you can spend your time grieving and celebrating.  


We can organise live streaming for your funeral so that people all over Australia and across the world can join in celebrating the life of your loved one.  


Hall’s Funeral Services offer pre-planning and pre-paying so that you can have peace of mind that your funeral is arranged exactly how you want it to be.  


 We have a 24/7 phone line available because we believe in providing the highest level of care and support. Call 9438 5416 


We have a fleet of fully maintained vehicles to provide a more traditional method of transport. Or, if the need is there, we can work to find just the right car, truck, carriage or ute to perfectly match your loved one's life and style. 


If motorbikes we're part of your loved one's life, we also have our own purpose-built Harley Hearse. Using our purpose-built trailer towed behind our own Harley Davidson Road King Classic, we can offer the kind of send-off that would make any bike fan proud. 


We offer a range of coffins and caskets to suit all preferences and wishes. You can view a selection of coffins and caskets available here. We also have options to customise coffins with images of your loved ones or their favourite landscapes.  


 We are based in Diamond Creek and Whittlesea and proudly work with families across Melbourne. If you’re based in Greensborough or a surrounding suburb, our team can help you to plan a funeral that celebrates the life of your loved one.  

 We don’t just host funerals at our custom-built chapels, though. We can help you to plan a funeral at a church, chapel, special location or gravesite of your choice. Whatever location you choose, we will conduct your service with compassion, respect and reflection.  


Experience and understanding from a dedicated team.  

 When you work with Hall’s Funeral Services, you work with a team of professionals dedicated to providing support to families during a time of significant grief. We have over 40 years of experience and deliver our services with compassion, respect and integrity. Our team offers a full range of funeral services and can help you to celebrate the life of your loved one.  Learn More About Us  


 How much does a funeral cost? 

The cost of funerals ranges depending on the circumstances. We offer pre-paid funerals for people who want to reduce the financial pressure on their families.  

 Where is your office located? 

We have offices located in Diamond Creek and Whittlesea; however, we work with families across Melbourne. If you’re located in Greensborough, we can help you to create a customised funeral that celebrates the life of your loved one.  

Who owns Hall’s Funeral Services?  

We are a family-owned Australian business that has been supporting local families for over 40 years.  

Can I choose the location of the funeral service? 

Yes. Our services are customised to suit you. We will help you plan everything from the location and service to the funeral car and funeral notices.  

Call Hall's Funeral Services Greensborough now on 9438 5416 to discuss your needs. Learn more about our other services.