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Hall’s Funeral Services provide a unique funeral experience to suit the life being celebrated. We are a family owned business that been supporting other Australian families for over 40 years; creating tailored funerals in Wattle Glen and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for a local funeral home to help your family plan a service to celebrate your loved one’s life, call the Hall’s Funeral Services team on 9438 5416.


Finding the right way to celebrate the end of someone’s life can be filled with difficult choices, from finalising the type of funeral service, the funeral venuefuneral notices, flowers, transport, coffins or caskets and musicOur highly dedicated team offer guidance for every decision, honouring your loved one’s life with sympathy and respect. 

Hall’s Funeral Services will understand your needs and help your family through this challenging time. Our team is available 24/7, and we will hold your hand and guide you through the preparations with sincerityWe will be creative and flexible as needed to ensure a memorable and unique tribute is created for your loved one, the perfect way to say goodbye. 


Finding the right way to celebrate a loved one's life is very important, so having the right funeral director to support you through the Funeral Planning and Funeral Service can make all the difference. Hall's Funeral Services have been supporting local Wattle Glen families for over 40 years by providing a high level of personal service. As a 100% Australian, family-owned business, we are committed to delivering quality services at a price to suit all budgets. 

Our Funeral Services Wattle Glen

Single Service 

A single service ceremony can occur at a church, chapel, graveside or another suitable place. It incorporates the main service and final committal in one and does not feature a procession.  

Dual Service 

A dual service includes a service and a procession to the final resting place. The service may take place at a chapel, church or another suitable location. The procession ends with the final committal ceremony, which may take place at a graveside or crematorium.  

Memorial Service 

A memorial service is typically held in private or when the deceased’s body cannot be present. The service may take place at a church, chapel or other special location.  

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The type of funeral service Wattle Glen that suits your needs will depend on your loved one and your family. 

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We offer a range of coffins and caskets to suit all preferences and wishes. You can view a selection of coffins and caskets available here.

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Finding the right place for the funeral service will depend on many different aspects of the person's life.

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Sharing the news of your loved one's passing, will allow others to pay their last respects and make their own arrangements to attend the final service.

What’s the difference between a coffin and a casket?  

coffin is a more traditional option with a tapered shape from the shoulders down to the feet. It has a separate lid which is attached with screws. Coffins come in a wide range of timbers and will usually have either 4 or 6 handles. 

casket is rectangular and usually has a domed, hinged lid that sometimes is hinged in two pieces to facilitate viewing. Caskets come in both timber and metallic construction and have either separate handles or a more extended bar running down each side. 


Our team can help you to find a location to have your funeral. People with a religious background will likely prefer to be in a Church. We also use many of the chapels in the local Wattle Glen area, such as Ballara, Bridges, Rivers and Inglewood. You may also decide that there is a special place that you would prefer the service to take place. We will assist you in your decision. 


Sharing the news of your loved one's passing will allow others to pay their respects and make their own arrangements to attend the service. We will craft a funeral notice for your loved one, publish it on our platform, and make it shareable for your family. This way, you can share the details of your service with everyone who knew your loved one.  View our Funeral Notices 


We have a fleet of fully maintained vehicles to provide a more traditional method of transport. Or, if the need is there, we can work to find just the right car, truck, carriage or ute to perfectly match your loved one's life and style. 


We are based in Diamond Creek and Whittlesea and proudly work with families across Melbourne. If you’re based in Wattle Glen or a surrounding suburb, our team can help you to plan a funeral that celebrates the life of your loved one.  

 We don’t just host funerals at our custom-built chapels, though. We can help you to plan a funeral at a church, chapel, special location or gravesite of your choice. Whatever location you choose, we will conduct your service with compassion, respect and reflection.  


Experience and understanding from a dedicated team.  

When you work with Hall’s Funeral Services, you work with a team of professionals dedicated to providing support to families during a time of significant grief. We have over 40 years of experience and deliver our services with compassion, respect and integrity. Our team offers a full range of funeral services and can help you to celebrate the life of your loved one. We work with families across Melbourne, including in Wattle Glen.  

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Other Funeral Director Wattle Glen Services



We can organise live streaming for your funeral so that people all over Australia and across the world can join in celebrating the life of your loved one.  



Hall’s Funeral Services offer pre-planning and pre-paying so that you can have peace of mind that your funeral is arranged exactly how you want it to be.  



We have a 24/7 phone line available because we believe in providing the highest level of care and support. Call 9438 5416 


How much does a funeral cost? 

The cost of funerals ranges depending on the circumstances. We offer pre-paid funerals for people who want to reduce the financial pressure on their families.  

Where is your office located? 

We have offices located in Diamond Creek and Whittlesea; however, we work with families across Melbourne. If you’re located in Wattle Glen, we can help you to create a customised funeral that celebrates the life of your loved one.  

Who owns Hall’s Funeral Services 

We are a family-owned Australian business that has been supporting local families for over 40 years.  

Contact Hall's Funeral - Your Local Wattle Glen Funeral Directors 

Call our team at Hall’s Funeral Services Wattle Glen on 9438 5416 for a friendly consultation in the comfort of our Diamond Creek office or the privacy of your own home.

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